Convert your YouTube video to MPG

Hi, my friend chinchilla just finished hes online video converter, you paste the URL from youtube and it gives you direct link to the mpg, I think its very cool and useful :slight_smile:

if you have problems using it, tell me here and I can let him know

go beta-test :slight_smile:

youtube and pornotube ehh? hehehe…:evilgrin:

Tell your buddy thanks, I’ll beta test it tomorrow morning…Im about to crash right now

He he, crash eh Madcow, you are beta-testing it as we speak…


I was about to use your converter but it’s down at the moment…

Great idea.


You could just pluck the .flv’s out of your browser cache instead and play them with VLC direct, or even convert them in VLC to any other format ffmpeg supports.

I have a question, some of the Utube vids are really clear, while most stink. what are the best render settings to get a really clear vid? Like the one posted yesterday about episode 3 of slab or something, i thought the quality was really good.

youtube recomend you use the mpeg4 codec, but actualy uses Sorenson Spark H.263. I think this is beced on the mpeg4 codec. See for more info. It’s also worth sending videos in the correct resolution as rescaling could also lose quality.

Thanks for putting the converter back online, BTW. And I’m using the new feature now!

I ran across flvget a few days ago when googling for a linux app to do this… it’s a script for Kommander and it works great in ubuntu…you do have to have Kommander, konqueror, and ffmpeg installed but it supports many more sites (I only tried youtube though).

The site doesn’t seem to work for me…
the “File not Found” error keeps on coming up