Converted 1962 Volkswagen Bus/RV

I recently got obsessed with the idea of renovating a camper or VW Bus, so obviously I had to model it. I thought it’d be a great challenge for modeling both hard surface and organic. Here’s my progress so far, started working a few days ago. Spending about an hour on it every night after work, so really don’t have a whole lot of time into it so far.

Things should get interesting when I get to the interior, as I’ll have to fit an entire RV into a small van :joy:!


Almost done :smiley:


started working on interior?

Not just yet… Should be able to start modeling the interior this week. Gonna finish as much of the outside as I can first.

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Hey, Welcome back -Kool idea, I swapped an engine out in one MANY years ago - part of the top would pop up or flip up, can’t remember exactly, that would be pretty kool if yours did. :smiley:
PS = Looks great so far

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Thanks, is that typical of VW Buses? I know the VW Samba has like some kind of cloth top that rolls back, but I was under the impression that the popup versions were custom mods that people did. Quite interesting.

Anyways, here’s another update, with wheels. I’ll model the mirrors, lights, and handles next, then start on the interior. :ok_hand:


Hey, No, I don’t think it was typical - I have only seen a few in my lifetime. The Samba was the one full of windows (22/23), one of our neighbors had one of those - green house we called it :nauseated_face:

Ah wow, that mod is kinda neat… The look I’m going for is more along these lines;

And yeah, I don’t think green is a great color for VW’s… or any other car for that matter. I think I’ll be going for a nice red on this, but texturing is still a long ways out.

Worked on it a little bit more, and got most of the details of the outside done. I need to add trim, and that’s it I think. The next step after is converting it into a camper, which should be a fairly creative task, and hopefully more fun :smiley:


Aight, so I was pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out. Turns out, no one puts beds in VW vans, and all the examples I had, were from vans with no motor in the back taking up all the storage space. So, I kinda had to figure this one out on my own, but I think I have something that will work. I think :thinking:

So these boxes will be covered in cushions, and the part that flaps up will transform this from a couch into a bed. It would fit the dimensions of a regular sized mattress (as opposed to twin or queen), which would be quite comfortable considering the size of the van I think.

I’d like to have a table that could be set up there when it’s in couch form, and probably some good storage inside the boxes. The problem is how much space the motor takes up. I wanted to have some cabinets in there somewhere as well, but at this point I’m not so sure. And working around the double doors on the side is also an issue.

PS: There is no backing on those doors, or the roof, or over half the van yet. I’m still just laying the groundwork.



I added shaders, but I think it looks worse for it… Oof


These shaders are just principled, with color and changed roughness… I am going to take this into substance later, but- something is not working here.

I think I figured out how to make the popup work, not 100% tho…
Also removed the shaders, and changed up the camera…


Hey, Looking good, I think the red looked okay, nice job, top does look better now.

Got it uv’d…

Ready to do some parts in substance.


I started texturing. I don’t like it, or the UV’s being on the same map. I’ll probably restart.


Redoing the textures. I had too many meshes on one map, and it was getting pixelated. This is considerably better I think


This is super. I can’t wait until it see it finished on the top row

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That’s super encouraging to hear Nitram, I really appreciate that!

More progress. Not satisfied at all with the canvas to be honest.