Converting 2.49 (and before) rigs to 2.5 (and higher)?

Hello Blenderists.

I have recently tried to open a pre- 2.5 file containing a rigged character.
However, animating it is impossible, nothing deforms correctly and, even when trying to animate it in 2.49, THEN opening it in 2.53, nothing gives a proper result at all. :confused:
I am quite aware that this is because of the animation system being completely redone since 2.51, but i hoped to have some reverse compability with character rigs created in older (2.49 and previous, that is) versions of Blender.

Now my question is: Does anyone know some kind of tool, application, Python script, or general function within Blender that allows older rigs to be used with 2.53/2.54?

Edit: The problem does not lie within the character, i’ve tried multiple characters created with different versions of Blender, which all worked fine within 2.49, but all encountered the previously mentioned problems in 2.51 and higher.

AFAIK, the main difference is in the drivers. I once converted Max in Blender to work in 2.5 alpha 2 and that was my main problem, the drivers were broken. Specifically, it was drivers for shape keys I think that needed the most work.

Characters using python constraints or python scripts, like Kiopaa’s Pantin or Cessan’s Simple Biped Rig, would need the scripts to be updated for 2.5x. I thought I read in the developer’s meeting notes posted on about working on backwards compatibility issues, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on this.

Sorry I can’t be of more help,