Converting 3D characters into Blender

Hello, I am working on one project. It is converting 3D models into Blender. I have converted textures and the model, but for joining the textures to the model I need to do something with one json file which makes problem to me. Are anyone interested in this problem to give them a details about it? Thank you

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Even if you are new to this forum: I think everybody if free to explain his/her problem.

(Sometimes the answers is already given here so a little search would be nice before posting and sometimes people just blame (any) software to be too bad and they didn’t understand the simplest basics.And sometime i didn’t even understand what somebody is talking about (and that’s not about bad english)).

But anyway: if you write a llittle more about the converting process and the type of json file then there would be a great possibility that someone will give you any further advice. And if your post is in the wrong category the worst that could happen is that a admin would move it to the right category.

Or in short: You want answers then give info.

(But never demand or re-ask the same things multilpe times or force someone to dowload big megabytes files which have to be seen.)

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Alright, so what am I suppodes to do now? What and how to describe?

So far you haven’t told us anything other than you need to do “something” with a JSON: What is the JSON for? What is the “something” you are trying to do with it? Why can’t the textures just be imported the normal way? What file format was the model, and, if applicable, what did you export it from and how?

Normally to assign textures to a model you’d just pull your texture directly into Blender - no JSON needed. Just select the correct material slot and drag and drop the texture into the shader editor, then drag a connector to the correct material channel. Alternatively, import the texture using an image texture node. Watch any video on assigning textures in Blender if you’re unfamiliar with this process.

You should always be able to assign textures without touching a JSON file - they’re not something you normally interact with except with scripting or add-ons. If you’re new, it’s understandable that you may not know what you don’t know, but JSONs aren’t normally involved in the texture/material setup, or the model import/export process. Presumably that JSON is somehow related to your process of exporting/extracting it from a game or something(?). If it’s a game or program-specific file (for a program other than Blender) it likely isn’t usable directly in Blender.

Plus, since JSON implies the solution for whatever you are trying to do, will require scripting, if the JSON truly is necessary, the art section may not be the best place to get help with this. Coding > Python Support may have people who can tell you how to parse your JSON with Python, if you give them details on what you’re trying to script (assuming you know at least some of the basics of scripting). If the JSON just tells you where to assign the different textures, it’ll probably be faster to read the text values in it yourself than code some python to assign materials for you.

Explain what you are doing and where do you have difficulties.

Maybe this thread will help?: