Converting 3D Scanned Furniture into 3D Realistic Blender models

We are looking for a Detailed Texturer / Modeller in Blender to produce high fidelity 3D models of exterior furnitures, in various formats, to be used on rendering scenes, onlive 3D viewers, well compressed and optimized, from High quality color 3D Scans and reference pictures.

There will be 30+ units of Graden Furnitures, chairs, tables, sofas mainly that we will 3D scan using a creform Go scan Spark, acquiring texture. We will send you those scans in OBJ, with textures (in triangles), and we want to receive back an optimized 3D model, with realistic texturing, and accurate to the scan, that can be used in any rendering 3D Software for realitsic renders, as well as to be used in Stketchfab as online 3D models.

We would need from a scan similar to the follwing ones:

Do you have a job page? Can you provide more details? (timeframe, pay, remote working possible?, etc.)


Hi Grant

The project needs to be as follows

The files will be delivered in this format, and quality.

And we expect, to receive an optimized model, fully texturized with a quality minimu as:

There will be around 40 models to develop

And we would need an estimate for different kinds of furnitures, Chairs, Sofas, Tables

Best regards


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