Converting 3D Text to Polygons

Hey everyone! I ran into a problem recently and I have been stumped. I have “drawn” some 3D text using “space–>add–>text” and modifying the width, extrude, bevel depth, and BevRes".

However, I have written an export script that extracts the objects vertices and faces. Then, I run it through an external program that uses the vertices and faces. However…the 3D text that I’m using doesn’t have any!

Is there any way to convert this text to a polygon equivalent? It is very vital that I get the vertices and faces, otherwise my external program cannot process the exported file.



Check out the Text Warp tool:

It’s a Python script that converts 2D text into 3D text (via bevel and extrude), then into a mesh.

select the text in object mode… ALT+c convert to mesh

Thanks a lot everyone! I ended up using the alt-c method and it works like a charm!

Btw, is there any way to degrade the quality of the mesh? The word “3D” ends up being over 3000 vertices and 2000 faces.