Converting 3Ds Max 2009 to blend while keeping rigging/animations intact?

Hello all,

I’m looking at this model/rig for a short video project I am working on for a public TV station. However I am hesitant to purchase it without knowing if it can be converted to work with Blender in a fully usable form, with the rigging and existing animation intact. If this is even a possible task, would someone be willing to help with that?

Alternatively, if anyone has a rigged/textured sleigh/reindeer model, of same or better quality, I would be happy to pay up to $40 for that instead, in addition to giving you 3D modelling credit in the short. The model really doesn’t have to stand up to much scrutiny, it will only be seen in the distance.

Alternative Alternative! - if anybody knows of a free model of a sleigh and 8 reindeer, even if it is low quality, please let me know! My wallet would thank you!

Any questions please ask. My original hope was that I would be able to hack together a rough model on my own, but it’s been several years since I’ve used Blender in a meaningful fashion and so my skills (such as they were) have all but disappeared!

Thank you very much.