Converting a vector graphic to mesh

Is there a way to automatically convert a SVG graphic to a mesh?

1 - Enable the svg importer in the User Preferences / Addons
2 - Import the svg file
3 - Convert to mesh with Alt+A
If you have any additional requirements you need to be more specific with your question.

Thanks, the importing worked but I can’t find how to convert the curves to a mesh. I’m using 2.58.

If I use Alt-A it starts the animation player.

Alt + C

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Thanks again, that worked.

But the letters from an SVG logo I imported are merely outlines, I want to make them solid. I tried selecting vertices and then using the F-key to turn them into faces but that didn’t work. Is there another way to do this?

Never mind, I got it. I selected too many vertices. When I select only three vertices the faces appear.

Another problem: a few of the letters have many vertices in them and making faces out of those is tedious. Is there an easier way of doing this, like with a script?


Before you convert the imported SVG to a mesh, play with the extrude and bevel features of the imported curve. This allows you to parametricly model the curve. Once you like how it looks, then use the ALT-C to convert the curve to a mesh. Another tip is to put the curve in edit mode and scale on the Z-axis by zero (keyboard shortcut SZ0). Sometimes the SVG import will bring in points that do not lie exactly on the 0 plane.