Converting animation from 24fps to 25fps.

Hi, I’ve animated a 3 minute animation synced up with sound. But unfortunately I’ve been so careless that I didn’t check the fps settings before starting, so I’ve ended up with a clip that is 24 fps that should be 25 fps. When i change it, it messes up my timing completely… Is there a quick fix to this kind of problem, or do I actually have to manually adjust everything after changing to 25 fps?

Thanks… :slight_smile:

Well I don’t know of a quick way, but you can select your keys in the dopesheet (dopesheet summary would be easiest) and scale them out to fill your missing frames. So just do some math. 180 seconds * 24 fps = current length. 180 * 25 = new end length. Scale them out to there.

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