Converting Bezier Extrusion to Mesh

Hi guys,

I have been searching for this but am sure it must have been posted somewhere before at some point - but I haven’t found it so my apologies.

I’m new to Blender but not to 3d.

I am wanting to edit the polygons I have created from an extrusion along a curve. Hitting Alt+C doesn’t seem to do much - that is both in Edit Mode and Object Mode.

I thought perhaps there was a problem with my model so I created a new circle and created a similar extrusion to run along that but the same situation seems to be there. Any ideas?

My thanks in advance.


Alt+C converts between meshes and curves.

Don’t be shy, show us something !

Attach or upload blend file to and tell us download link


Thank you very much for responding. Apologies for the less than clear way I explained things (just re-read post).

I am now at home and have opened the same scene on my laptop (2013 MacBook Pro) what I am trying to do seems to work as written by yourself and countless others i.e. Alt + C allows to convert to mesh and then the mesh is editable. At work, where I have been looking at this virtually all day - it wasn’t working. Are there any known bugs that might have caused this? I have been unsure what type of curve I used as the profile. I was wanting a profile with corners and couldn’t work out how to do it - so eventually managed to convert a mesh back to a curve - but what type of curve I don’t know. I assumed the type of curve may have been what was causing the problem, but evidently not.

I will try and get a picture to you tomorrow when I return to the studio. I am building a very crude model (owing to the limits of my skillset at the moment) of part of the city and need to have an overground railtrack in place. I have been SO frustrated.

I started 3d about 16 years ago on Lightwave and moved on to 3dsMax and a short spell on Maya. I feel out with the industry, in a manner of speaking and have been on something of a hiatus for 5 years. My mind is empty of tools now but complete with concept and theory - quite nice to be like this actually as it has allowed me to re-engage with a certain degree of freshness. (But I am tired and frustrated now! …and have a deadline)

My thanks again,