converting .blend files

Does anyone know how to convert a .blend file to 3ds Max format?



There’s a 3ds max import/export script here:

Just run it in your text editor and it should export to 3ds max. If it doesn’t work, you might have to use the old reliable OBJ format. The import/export for that is on the same page, I think.

is this a python script? Because it says there is an error when I try to open the file, and I dont have python. Also, which one do I want, the importer or the exporter?

You should install Python for Blender. I think every converter for Blender uses Python and every Blender game uses it. Go to and install the version for your operating system. If you are changing a Blender file to a 3ds max file, you want the exporter.

I installed the latest version, was there a specific blender version I should have installed?
thanks for the help. :stuck_out_tongue:

AFAIK the “official” python version for blender2.23 is 2.3.3. 2.2.4 might also work, but i wouldn’t bet on that.

older blender builds need python2.2.2.

hehe this one is really easy - just change the suffix from .blend to .max :stuck_out_tongue:

I just downloaded the latest version of python and I have bledner 2.33. I also have the scripts. How do I make the conversion now that I have these?

usually with the scripts comes a readme - for the conversion details, features etc. for your part, make a directory called “scripts” in your blender root and place all scripts you need there. then open blender, change any window into a text window (from the menu in the window header) and click on “file>>open”. locate the newly created dir and select the script you want to run. once loaded, place your mouse cursor anywhere over the text-window and hit ALT+P. this will run the script. or you will get errors (check the console and post them here). as i said in my previuos post, blender is to my knowledge only “certified” to run with python 2.2.3. it might also happen, the the scripts you use aren’t updated for python 2.2.3, but still require 2.2.2 … anyway just go and test.

hope that helps


ok, i downloaded python 2.3.4. I can’t use that?

i don’ know - why not simply try it?

OO it works! I finally got it! Thanks for the help guys, u saved me big time. :stuck_out_tongue:

While we are on the subject, is .3ds the same as .max? I have found multiple ways of covertering .3ds to .blend, but I have not found any ways of getting a .max into Blender.

IIRC, .max is really hard to convert to anything since it heavily relies on internal 3DS functions to create the final objects and whatnot.


max isn’t the same. 3ds s a “subset” of max, supporting objects, materials, cameras, lights, animation… but no deformation. max can include - well anything that max supports, and that is lot more then good old 3ds