Converting Blender to CAD

Hi there, has anybody any information about converting blender files into CAD (autocad) formats to get them produced by machines? are there export-formats of blender whcih can be converted into cad? any experiences?
cad formats are e.g .dwg .dxf .dxb .dwf
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well, while waiting for some CAD gurus answers, you can use the “export” item in the file menu and make some experiences?!
DXF, STL, FBX 3DS are some favorites I guess.

When you say “produced by machines” do you mean CNC g/m-code generation? Most CAM programs import 3D in STL quite nicely, which blender exports quite nicely. Freemill is a nice lil’ app to produce basic (not any fancy options) code from your STL models.

If you’re talking AutoCAD-specific import… I’m not sure which format would be best, tho starting with DXF is the default. I know there’s been good dev work lately on a DXF importer, but not sure how good the exporter is. Never tried.

You may find some very useful information at There is a Blender oriented CAD tutorial in the 3D Graphics Tutorial section and an excellent e-book at

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i recently used blender to create a shape, exported it as dxf then used some free dxf->dwg converted and it worked quite well.

Though i used curves, converted them to meshes and the resulting mesh had a ton of geometry so the cnc machine ran out of memory while trying to load the file so it had to be done in pieces, but yes it works.

Hey Every one,im new to python and Blender,i currently have a number of Autocad packages and patents ,i have just finished my Anti-Gravity design and modeling of my project,im about to go into Marketing in October,but the Market research team would like a comprehensive look at how my Antigravity Design works.

What i want to know is if it is possible to take my Autocad files and give them life using python and Blender,since i am new to this i will most likely find some one that can help me Animate my design on a professional level,i need to do this before september,because there will be a board room conference held for me to explain the fundementals of how my machine works,i need to be able to bring my Autocad files to life as it does in Reality,it would be much appreciated if some one would contact me directly ,my email address is <b>[email protected].net</b>,it would be much appreciated!

You shouldn’t need python to animate, unless you want it to be interactive

And animating in blender is really easy to do,
press “i” to insert a keyframe on the selected object, and use the arrow keys to change frames

Please you can go to the file menu and select the user preferences and search for CAD, and check the slots available…then just export as an Autocad file which will be the last upon clicking the export.
You can now open your model in Autocad

And the necromancer of the decade award goes to…

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I searched for ‘blender g-code’ and this turned up. Looks like a non-trivial install but it might do the trick. You’ll need Blender 2.69, python 3.3, and a few libraries that shouldn’t be hard to pip install hopefully.

Hope this will help.

The autocad format like dxf dwg or other are only a specific autocad format. most of common mesh format are similar and interchangeable, but when you say Blender to CAD, this mean a lot of thing. Personally I use Blender as CAD, and for exchange file is not always simple and it depend on your needs, for Nurbs CAD there are many ways, for simple mesh planar, you can save the file in fbx, for autocad or dxf with the addon, if you need a nurbs file there are three ways one is using freeship, an other Fusion 360 and the last this Moi3d, all previous this need a mesh ready for the subdivision.
Below some links

Below a CNC simulation on CATIA of file made in Blender and converted to NURBS.

there’s also Onshape
with Free plan available

Onshape Free extends fully capable modern CAD tools to non-professional designers.

At no cost, hobbyists, makers, and others who are willing to freely share their designs can pursue their projects without the hassles commonly found in old CAD systems. Onshape is accessible from any device, never loses data, and makes sharing and collaboration easy. For the ability to create private design data, see Onshape Professional.

I also use freeCAD with teigha converter for dwg