Converting camera tracking points to vertices?

(AlterEgo) #1

Is there a way to convert camera tracking points to vertices?
In other words, I’d like to turn the cloud of camera tracking points to a mesh whose vertices would match the locations of the camera tracking points.
I’ve tried to find a script or a tutorial about this, but so far have found nothing.
I’m sure I’m not the first one to look for this feature.

(3pointEdit) #2

Perhaps after solving the camera path you could use BTracer Addon to create a path then convert path to mesh?

(sozap) #3

It’s already available, in the movie clip editor, menu reconstruction, 3D markers to mesh…

(sundialsvc4) #4

I think that I probably would stop with a path. You could then animate movement along that path. This would give you the opportunity for smooth yet controllable movement. The path says where the camera goes, and the animation-spline or curve controls how it gets there. A path is by definition continuous along its entire length, just like a piece of camera-track in the real world but here “magically suspended in mid-air.”

(El Director) #5

Under the solve tab, in the “Geometry” panel. There’s an option to create a mesh from your cloud. You’ll still need to go through and create faces from them in Edit mode though.

(hype) #6

I’ve made some video tutorials walking you through the process. Check out videos 2 and 3.