Converting Curve Radius into Mesh with Vertex Weight

Dear Blender Artist,

I am doing this experiment with Sound, which all started because of this music video:

Benga - “I Will Never Change”

I am trying to replicate that effect and so I wrote down this post on my blog.

As you can see, Liero from Blender Artist suggested me another way to do it by using Array Modifier and Curve Modifier, which is brilliant.

So I went on and follow up with this post which look into Sound Driven Motion:


My question is:
With Liero’s UnBake to 3D Curve, it results in curve with radius weight. I am wondering if anyone knows a way to convert Curve with Radius into Mesh object with Vertex Weight?

This way, it is going to be possible to further take the effect using Particles.

Thank you beforehand.