Converting cycles materials to internal

I’m using manuel bastioni lab to create characters but it only does materials in cycles, and ever other object in my project uses blender internal. Plus blender internal renders much faster. So I want to convert these materials, atleast the textures, approximate dffuse colours, approximate specular colours and basic bump maps to blender internal. Is there any way to do this?

Its much better to use cycles. Even though the render times are a bit longer, it produces much more realistic results. If you were to convert to blender internal, some material setups will not work properly.

See this thread.

Made to convert BI mats to cycles, but there’s a button to go “Back to Blender”. Keep in mind, cycles is very different from BI so you’ll have to make adjustments of course. This script just kind of resets everything to BI, but it’s not a miracle tool.