Converting Edge to Path?

Hey! I’ve got an edge loop that I took from one of my objects. I want to set this as a path and use it for dupliverts. Is it possible to take an edge loop and convert it into a path?

In the scripts window, under the Mesh menu, you will find an edge to curve script. You will want to go into Edit mode for the new curve and play with some of the settings. Like convert it to Bezier then press N and change the handle type to auto.

Thanks Matt, Edge to Curve worked very well, except now I have lines spanning out in every direction (off the screen). How do I get rid of them?

convert only the edges you need, separate them, convert them separately …

Are the lines all Black and seem to go off at angles from the curve? If so they are the direction arrows for the curve. Sometimes they scale up to infinity. I don’t know the reason nor the solution for this. However, they should not effect your Render.

Ya that’s what is happening exactly. Makes it very difficult to see =/