Converting from 3ds Max to Blender, please help

I’m inheriting a large project that was created by someone who happened to own his own copy of 3ds Max. The files are currently in .max format. It needs to be transferred over to Blender so we can have a small team work on it. We’d really rather not recreate it all from scratch, and we aren’t going to equip the team with 3ds, so I was hoping that someone could tell me what the current easiest method for getting as much of it transferred over as possible.

The best tips I can find are from two years ago, where you export it to .obj and lose all of the armatures and lighting. Is this still the best we can do?

If the files are in .max format there is no way to get them into blender. You’ll have to open them in 3ds Max and export them out in a compatible file format.

Export from max in obj format would be my choice.
Ask here for someone to do it if you don’t figure a way to access to max yourself.

Check in the 3D Max home page if they have demo version of their software. Assuming they have it and is 30 days evaluation, as usual, everyone in the team could convert the .max files during that period.
Make sure if the evaluation copy can export to other format.

Yeah, sadly there’s no .max importer. OBJ should work fine for geometry and textures. Point cache anim would be your best bet to maintain their anims. But if you need to modify THEIR anims…um. I dunno.

Blender is awesome, but I’m afraid it’s not that awesome…yet.

Good luck. =]

I have a friend with a copy, but he’s not keen om me hassling him over max for some reason. He would probably let me convert some files though.

PM me if you need.