Converting Fur

I am working on a furry animal and will eventually animate. Getting used to the fur right now but see an interesting feature under my modifiers to convert fur. I have Blender manuals but can’t find anything about converting fur. I tried it once and it appears to create a new mesh. The question I have is about converting fur in the modifier section and is this necessary for rigging and animating fur? Any help gladly accepted.


Don’t know who to give credit for this it’s copy paste from a thread.

I had the same issue converting hair particle into mesh, then trying to bake it in a low-poly model to use in a game engine. I found that there’s no one-click solution built into the Blender, so here’s my work-around:

Convert the particle into edge loops (click “convert” button in the modifier stack)

Convert the edge loops into bezier curves (select the edge loops and hit AltC)

Make them solid and shape them up using bevel and taper objects (Properties Panel > Object Data > Geometry)

Finally convert them back into mesh object (select the object and AltC)

You need to do quite a few steps in this workflow but it yields more control over final shapes.

select object that has hair
select convert Particle Modifier on modifiers tab
remove particle system under particles tab
select converted hair mesh
add screw Modifier with .1 degrees for angle and 2 steps
if vertex count is too high, Add Decimate Modifier with planar
apply all modifiers


Thanks Tai,

SO I take it I need to convert this to a mesh before I start to animate