Converting High Density Mesh To Low Density For Mesh Deform

Hi All,

I have a high density mesh.
How do I reduce the vertex/polygon count?
I am looking to make a cage for my character and try out the SVN modifer MeshDeform.

Should I simply model a rough box cage around it? Or is there a way to take my existing mesh and turn it into a lower density mesh usable for MeshDeform?

Reading the description found here:
It sounds like the Decimate function may be of value to you. I have never tried it though!!

Thank you, I’ll give it a try.

You can also delete edge loops if your model has them. Use alt-RMB to select loop, then X->Edge Loop.

The model I am using is an OBJ file I exported from Poser so I am not sure if it has edge loops.

I have not done any edge loop work, yet!