Converting imported n-gons to quads for terrain model


Do you know any efficient way to convert a model imported from sketchup (flat n-gons) to one made of squares (much smaller than these drawn, acceptably smaller n-gons in some places)? I want to model a terrain out of it. I attach two screenshot of what I have and (sort of) what I want to achieve.
Thanks for help!

Guessing what you’ve got is just 2D faces.
I’d add a solidify modifier, then a remesh modifier. Play with the settings until I found what looked good(turn on wire and draw all edges) Then apply the modifiers and delete the faces that solidify added.

Edit: If you’re doing arch-vis the method I suggested will probably lose some detail, unless you crank the octree depth up high. Also shut off remove disconnected pieces. Here’s a sample…

To make a mesh to the exact size and orientation you want, create a proxy mesh with the correct size squares then use this with the knife project tool to slice up your original mesh

Thank you @Richard Marklew , that’s exactly what I needed :slight_smile: