converting Inventor 5 to blender

first, can you?

second, with what?


Yes, I’m also interested in this. Especially .iam files. Here at work I have an opportunity to show that! Please help.

I forgot to say, Inventor 9 and 10 is used.

I think you’re flat out of luck there.
Inventor to Max was pretty rough last time I used them so Inventor to blender is going to be pretty shoddy.

A straight mesh export to a common format is the only easy solution (dxf or similar)

With ref to .iam (if that’s assembly files) then prob unlikely. If I am right (it was along time ago) then assembly files are comprised of references to induvidual components and parts so it is very unlikely that a .iam exporter would be viable without considerable work.

Apologies for the vague details but it’s been a while since I meddled with inventor.


Thanks anyway! Your right about that, iam files are assembly files. Thing is that I don’t see why inventor couldn’t save the objects as the user see them on screen (an “.iam” file). The objects are there on screen.
I suppose it’s up to Inventor if that is able to export the object as the user see them… I have to look more on this.

I figured out googling, it can’t be done. I have nothing to show on monday, nothing. Not even a triangle from the assembly files “.iam” in Inventor. That’s really a shame. Drawings are all we (or they) do, and sometimes a very boring solid ortograpic picture. It can certainly be nice in invertor v10 and above, but I will have nothing to do with that. This opportunity is only there this summer. This is really a shame! At least I was expecting a DXF file to show up rough triangles in Blender so I had something to show, but not even that. :frowning: