Converting lighting to vertexcolor/textur?

Hello there.
I have a simple question.
I it possible to store the lighting of a model, caused by a pointlight, into the vertexcolors? Or even better, map it into its texture via the UVmap.
Radiosity offers this function, but for the highlights I must use a pointlight.

yes, just set up your object with the lighting you want, press V, to activate vertex color, press V again to exit vertex paint mode, and then click on ‘vertex color: make’ in render buttons, then click on Vcol Light in material buttons. I think that’s the procedure anyway. I’ll double check,…

yeah, just go into control+z [shaded] mode and press the “make vertex colors” button

[see arrow]

Thanks for the quick replies. I will try that as soon as I got blender2.34 down.

Still one little problem persists. When I have a mesh with vertex colors - let’s say after radiosity calculation - and deform it, the vertex colors seems to change. So is there a way to draw the vertex colors of an object onto its texture with the UV coordinates?

I am using blender to create some lightmaps for my model. So far I could easily render the lightened model from top with ortogonal cameramode and put the result into my texture. But now I have a bended pipe, so it would be far easier to UVmap a texture onto it and let blender paint the vertex colors onto this texture.

I am afraid this explanation sounds a bit screwed. If you can’t imagine what I want to achieve, I can send a picture.

Thanks in advance.

sorry i forgot to mention, the UVPaint script is built in now,…it’s in the UV window,… just set your UV coords, select UVpainter, and the UI will pop right up.