converting mesh edge to a curve

does anyone know a blender 2.62 function to take the edge or edge loop of a mesh and convert it to a curve/path so it can be used for array and other things?

Alt+C converts a mesh to a curve


Thanks, but I think that only works in “object” mode.
I’m trying to select an edge loop inside "edit"mode and convert those edges into a curve/path.
Any ideas?

Select edge, Shift+D to duplicate, P to separate to new object, Alt+C to convert to curve.


Perfect. Thank you.

I selected a series of vertices, duplicated, separated, and alt-c’ed. This is what I get… I select the target and nothing happens. Is there a “go” button?


I think you have to press F between vertices to make edge before convert mesh to curve.

Separated vertices has no information about wich one is connected to another one.

Sorry in advance for my poor english.

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