Converting mesh into cubes

I’m making a minecraft animation and I want to make a scene where a building collapses with all the cubes flying away and stuff.

I’m using jmc2obj to import worlds, and I can’t export each block as an individual object, so I want to select the part of the mesh I want to remove and separate it.

How would I convert a mesh into cubes?

You can apply the ReMesh modifier to a mesh and select the Blocks mode.

Remesh only edits the mesh. I need to make each of the blocks into its own object, but only for that small part. Or maybe, how would you convert Remesh blocks into objects? I need to apply rigid physics, that’s why.

not sure now suitable this is, it will depend on the complexity of your mesh, but if its for minecraft i suspect its just a cube so,cell fracture it using the own verts setting, with random set to 0, that may give you suitable blocks, but as i say, it depends on your mes complexity