Converting Object to GameObject

I am creating an Object using a pythong script in realtime while running Blender GameEngine. It has no problem doing it, but the Object will not show up in the game; it will show up when I close the game though. I’ve tried numerous methods to try to cheat my way through, to no avail. Anyone know how to convert an Object into a GameObject during runtime? The GameEngine does it when it starts, so I figure if there’s no direct way, I can probably mess with the source to get it to work, but I want to avoid that if possible.

The script isn’t meant to be run in the game engine.
Everything that you see in-game is a representation of what was converted at game start.
You can add pre made objects to the current game scene from another layer in real time with the add object actuator(a logic brick). These can be found in the logic buttons (F4).
For documentation about the game engine and logic bricks, visit the tutorial list: