Converting OGG to H264 .MOV, What are some working Settings?

I am trying to convert ogg’s, to H264 .MOV’s.

I have gotten many to work, but none worked fully in QuickTime itself.
Can anyone clue me into a good setup to render out H264 MOVs that QT Runs flawlessly? QT-FastStart would also be a huge help.

I assume there is a way, because rendering .mov’s without QT being able to run them is pretty pointless.

Much thanks to any help!

Probably the best solution is to add H.264 High Profile support to Quicktime, e.g. by installing the Perian plug-in.

Well forcing users to install a plugin to view your quicktime movie is a bit overkill heh. I mean, i am trying to make it Quicktime compatible so that they can view it and because its the standard. I think i may have found a solution though, a bit more testing is needed before i can confirm.

my h.264 settings using ffmepg are here: but using the QT on my machine resulted in a file that was 10x larger, so I gave up on the mov. e.g. 5 minutes was 770meg, but it worked, but they were huge. In QT, just click set codec, and Best, H.264, 4000kbps.

Well i got the .mov to work with H264, and it plays great in quicktime, but its still rather large. It seems the quality is not having any affect, can anyone confirm the quality setting even works?

Or does anyone have any ideas for compressing the H264-MOV Any better? Right now its about 3x the size i was able to achieve with QuickTime Pro on windows.