converting other formats into .blend

is there a converter out there that converts files made in 3d max or any other 3d software to be competible with blender?

if so where can i get it

Export from Max as a 3ds file and import that into blender.

i was thinking of downloading premade models and using them in some of my own blends, and i came acros several formats, what formats can i import straight into blender?

3ds and obj files are probably your best bet. They’re both quite common.

3ds, obj, lwo, collada, quake2, dxf (limited), ply, there are a huge number of formats for which Blender has fairly good support.


This belongs in the Blender General QnA forum.

Accutrans (shareware) & Crossroads. (Free)

Neither convert Max to ‘another’ though.

the best is 3ds max and obj, i prefer obj though, they work the best of all of them. If you use makehuman they also work good (i think theyre the only ones anyway)
Just go File … Import >> obj
You dont need to export them from anything

good luck

Forget obj. I recommend VRML. It will export your camera, lights, your materials, and your quads (thus preserving edge loops)

Just use the VRML97 plugin, it comes with Blender.

obj is quad, 3ds is tri I think…