Converting part of an image texture into a material in cycles.

I would like to learn how to use part of an image texture and convert it into a material in cycles ( not sure that is even possible).

So my example is the following:

I have an image texture which is a white marble with black veins applied to a sphere.
I have used the same texture as a displacement to create the ridges in the sphere.

Now, I would like to convert the black veins/ridges which is an image texture, into a gold procedural material.
How could I achieve that?

Could someone be so kind to teach me the node set up?

Thank you very much!


You have failed to supply your blend file and texture !!! Why have you not supplied them ?

For a simple example use the b+w image to use as the mix factor using the main material shader and the gold shader

Hi Richard, thank you so much for your reply.
I was having issues to upload the blender file, but anyway, that is exactly what I needed, much appreciated!