converting path to a bezier doesn't work *solved*

I want to convert a path to a bezier curve, but when I press the button in the ‘curve tools’ panel I get an error.

why? and what should i do?

thanks in advance:D

What is the Error?

something like “no conversion possible”.
i’m not sure what it is exactly, because i’m not at home right now.

Yes… well… a path and a bezier curve are two completely different animals. The only way to convert is to first make it “poly” and then “bezier”, but the result won’t be what you want… I hope someone will write the code for this in the future, but right now, there’s no way.

so if want to use a bezier curve as a path, I’ll have to create it as a bezier… you won’t be able to convert it to bezier.

thanks:), pity there’s no other way.