converting photos to 3d models

My boss has handed me a picture of a canal, that is quite 3d

any tutorials or suggestions how I can make this 3d, so I can stick a small yacht in there?

I have done it with flat, coastal city skylines, but this one is frustrating me.

While I’m not very experienced, I would attempt to skip the “move to 3d” stage almost totally. Try projecting the photo as a background plate (“Win” texture mapping), and only go towards re-creating the light sources in 3d, and a proper camera angle/zoom. Then you should be able to stick in a yaht rather easily, the only worry being a proper masking of the underwater part of the boat.


This works with flat coastal scenes, but with pictures taken with 3d attributes, (such as the canal flowing towards you, the roof of the building heading towards a vanishing point), another camera on top of it distorts it moreso.

I am kind of thinking about actually using an ortho camera.

I doubt if it will work for your picture, but there is software to take a photo and turn it into a model.

whoa… thats amazing.

ii whish tehre was kind of a 3 D viewer for Blender files

that flas soft is it able to take Blender model and show it as a 3 D viewer ?

There’s a plugin for blender which does that.

How can you convert a photo into a 3D model?? Could you with that software make this image into a 3D enviroment??? O.o

Lancer, that 3DNP just loads a series of images. How is that 3D?

Have not downloaded it but seems to be a slideshow viewer but witht 360 degree views mostly used for cell phone presentations and to show other electronic gadgets from all sides. So its just a prerendered turntable.

Atom that’s true… but then so is the flash viewer which RickyBlender wanted to know whether there was a Blender equivalent for. I should have used his name to clarify, though his was the query I was answering (the post immediately before my own post).

You need to look up stuff about multi plane rostrum cameras. I would pull out the water (make your own) and project the mid ground and background elements on seperate planes that dip into the water plane that carries the boat.
You will need to set up the water/yacht and lights on seperate layers from the projected layers though. This should allow a simple push in or even a tracking shot right to left.

Why not just model the scene? Tell your boss it will take a week or however long, and get cracking. Since it’s just from 1 angle you cab skip a lot of details. You can even shorten your modeling time by purchasing elements like the palm trees etc. There are some great free blender water files out there as well. I’s spend a day assembling assets, and then get to it…

I realize there are a lot of details in the scene, but I have a feeling your boss will be very happy with even a simplified, fully 3d version.

There is no way that you can turn that photo into a 3d scene without multiple images from hundreds of angles. There is just not enough info. It’s night, so a lot of it can be just in shadows anyway.

I ended up using the method I saw in a tutorial a year ago, I think. I basically cut out the various layers for parallaxing, and then faked what came behind. It worked out pretty well, but I had to do a lot of post processing to make the various elements blend together.