converting poly to bezier

rh linux 7.3
blender publisher 2.25

I am doing theeth’s tutorial on the advanced modeling. When I change the poly to bezier all of the vertices are in the v key mode. How does one change the status of the vertices so that a curve can be created? i.e. How do i go from vkey mode to get bezier handle on a vertice?


As much as I’d like to take some credits, that tutorial is by The Iceman.

Hkey toggles between aligned and free handles
Shift-Hkey switches to Auto handles.


Actually, the tutorial was made by theIcemAn (Geno Ruffalo).

To change the handle type, first select the ones you wish to change, then press the keyboard command -

[h] - toggles handles fom aligned/free (Pink/Black handles)
Shift_[h] - Sets handles to auto mode (Yellow handles)

[v] - vector handles (Green handles) - what you have now.


sheesh, sometimes i can be such a dweeb

my humble apologies to theIcemAn

much gratitude to theeth, JarrellSmith and especially theIcemAn for the help and the excellent tutorial.