Converting rendered frames to video file

Hi, is there any way to convert the rendered frames into an uncompressed video file? I know that I can just import the frames into the video editor and output it as a video file, but I don’t see any setting where it doesn’t lower the quality of the image. I need the video file to be uncompressed because I’m going to combine scenes together and re-render them into a final video file so I would like it to remain as close as possible to the original image quality.

Change the output to AVI Raw.

Easy. Don’t convert them to a video file. Edit them as image sequences and just convert the final.

Well I would love to do the image sequence thing, but for whatever reason blender takes forever to load the actual image sequences into the video editor so I don’t get real time playback unless I sit there and wait for it to go through the whole video at least once. Which isn’t a problem for a small scene, but when there are going to be more than 20,000 frames in the final video It’ll take me hours to just load the image sequences before I can work on it. If I save each scene as a raw video file it loads it automatically and therefore it’ll be much faster to piece together and add audio etc.

@davidnayias: loading image sequences takes forever? Are you sure? What’s the image resolution and format?
This is strange because using image sequences is the way to go.

Playing back is a different kind of beast. If it’s too slow during playback (say 10fps or even much less) then you could generate proxies to get lightning speeds. Increasing the memory cache limit (depending on your ram) and the number of frames to prefetch [User Pres: System tab] will also help speed up playback.