Converting to Blender format

(ulrik) #1

I am relatively new to Blender, but I am very impressed by it. I am running it at the moment on a SGI Onyx RE2 and I have one small problem. Most of my earlier 3D work was done on a PC and later on a Macintosh in Lightwave and Cinema4D, so most stuff is either c4d Format or Lightwave format. Now I need to get at least the meshes into some format Blender can use. I can’t use Lightwave since my student license expired some time ago and so I can only use Cinema4D to convert my work. I tried both exporting to DXF and VRML, but Blender won’t open the DXF or VRML files. I thought Blender CAN open these formats.

Is there any IRIX or Linux tool which can convert 3D formats into each other, like 3DS to DXF or something like that?

Does anybody have a clue what the reason for Blender not importing the DXF could be???

thanx for the help!!!


(cree) #2

As a suggestion, check out []

I have not tried these Python file converters so I cannot vouch for their quality. Check out Jan’s stuff link on that page. I used a blender to rib converter, and it worked fine. You need python installed with Blender in order to use Python scripts. I believe that Python version 2.04 is the one recommended. You might have to tweak your meshes after importation. I hope this helps. By the way, Blender will never expire.

(theeth) #3

I believe that Python version 2.04 is the one recommended.

2.01, to be exact.

Also, Jan’s script were built on a different API than Blender 2.23. to run them, you’d have to change the line

import Blender


import Blender210 as Blender


(VelikM) #4

Blender is very slow to import DXF (big files take for ever, but so do little files), as for VRML I’ve only had luck importing VRML 1, VRML 2 always gives an error message. My preference is for VRML 1 because the materials import with it.
Are you getting any error messages when the import fails?