Converting Tri Polys to Quad Polys

Hi to all,

This is my first time posting here, just starting out on my journey to learning blender. I have messed around a bit with blender before, though not really enough to say that I ‘know’ Blender.
I have used Hexagon in the past, and Wings3D a little. Also an avid Vue and Poser user. And by trade I am a Mechanical Designer and for that use a program called SolidWorks, just to give a little background about myself.

OK, so enough of that and on to more important stuff. Maybe what I am wanting to achieve can or can’t be done.

I have a model that I created in my CAD software, Solidworks, and I exported it from there as a VRML file. Now I have it in Blender, and it came in with the surfaces being triangulated. Which I kinda expected using VRML. So, for the question.

Is there a simple way to convert the triangular polygons to quad polygons?
Or, would I be better off just rebuilding the model from scratch in Blender?

My ultimate goal is to get this model into Vue 8 Complete, which really seems to hates the large number of polys of this particular model. So, I am hoping that by changing the tris into quads and effectively halving the number of polygons will help Vue like the model a little better.

My version of Blender is 2.58 (64 bit) running on Windows XP x64 edition.

Thanks to any and all who can help,

Alt+J to convert Tris to Quads. The result will probably not be what you want and will need a cleanup. Otherwise build in blender, then you have the exact mesh you want.


You could try selecting all faces in Edit Mode, then going to Mesh > Faces> Tris to Quads, or just Alt+J. Might have a bit of clean up work to do afterwards, but that should get most of them.

EDIT: Bah, beat me to it :evilgrin:

Thank you very much for the quick replies, I shall give this a try and see what happens.
This model contains several objects, so if this works on only half or even a quarter of the objects then that will be that much saved/salvaged.