converting wave-effect meshs into "real" meshs

is it somehow possible to convert a mesh with a wave effect into a “real” mesh? I jsut can’t figure out how to do that

Select the mesh.

CTRL+SHIFT+A -> “Apply Deformation”

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I add a grid by hitting the Space bar and selecting Add/Mesh/grid (because grids have lots of vertices, which makes for smoother wave animations when rendered) – or you could add a plane and hit “W” and select “subdivide” several times. Next, with the grid selected, I go to the Object Menu (F7), and select ‘Effects’, hit the ‘new effects’ button, and select ‘wave’. The only thing I chaged in the wave settings was Time Start: (to -32 so that the grid will be wavy before the first frame of the animation) and Lifetime: (to 68 ) —you might to play around with these settings until you get something that works for you. Don’t forget to smooth out the wavy mesh by going to the edit menu (F9) and selecting “Set Smooth”–this will take the wrinkles out of the wavy grid mesh.
Hopefully this was helpful. :-?

@ scatman. sorry I was rather talking about how to turn a mesh, which has the wave effect on it into a regular mesh, which is deformed by waves without having the wave-effect apllied to it. (Like when you use subsurface and press alt-c you’ll get a new Mesh which has all the data of the subsurfaced mesh.) Hope you understand my problem now…

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welll… that doesn’t really help me :wink:

Didn’t know that it worked for the wave effect. 8) nifty!