Conveyor Belt deforms and object passes through it

(DigitalNeutrino) #1

I think i have my belt pretty well set, but Im trying not to deform the cleet moving pass a bend.
It needs to follow the belt with bends and up the conveyor belt.
I believe the cleet deforming is messing up the physics and rigid bodies.

See image

belt2019-32569.blend (1.5 MB)

(Lumpengnom) #2

You could make the cleets separate objects form the belt and attach it in a different way. With a follow curve constraint for example. Then use drivers to make the cleets move at the same speed as the belt.

(DigitalNeutrino) #3

Yeah that was my thought, something like that , I guess I was hoping i could do it as a solid object and not more than one.