Conveyor belt for GE

Hey all, I am trying to animate a simple conveyor belt to use in the bge and I am using a curve modifier to set it up, but obviously it doesn’t work in real-time, and I tried several follow the curve baking scripts but they don’t work right. Is there a way to do that?

Also, does anyone know a good follow the curve baking script, I have tried the ones from this thread (, but they have a small glitch once you set it up in GE.

You could just put a video texture on it.

If you need stuff to move, you could always give the conveyor a collision sensor, and then say for every object colliding with the conveyor… move in this global direction. You’d have to think about the problem some, though. I’d think “apply impulse to point” would be the way to go (so that you could have an object spin if it caught the corner of the conveyor), except “apply impulse” might continually increase the speed, whereas you have a finite speed.

yeah, video texture sound good. Do you think I could also try to do it with shape keys? Attach the emptys at every face or vert. and do like that?