Conveyor belt

Dear people of the Blender community,

I’m trying to make a conveyor belt. On Youtube there are a few tutorials that pushed me in the right direction. I now have a conveyor belt that works exactly as i want to when i run the animation (alt+a). But I want to make it so that when I start the Game Engine § that the conveyor belt moves the same way as it did in the animation.

I hope my explination is understandable. I’ve attatched the blender file.


Conveyor belt.blend (458 KB)

If you are using an armature, bake your animation curves into an action. actions can be activated within the game engine quite easily, compared to normal animation curves.

@ Modron, you are right. Using the function “bake action” (found under object -> animation) makes it possible to loop a mesh cube around a circle. By using an always sensor and connecting it to an action actuator.
But I haven’t found a way to connect this movement to the conveyor belt. I don’t know exactly why not…
Could you maybe open my Coneyor belt.blend and try it out, maybe that this will give you more information.

I would but I have not been able to download .blends in the past few days. all I get is a php file. Others have experienced the same thing. Not sure what it is. A file path glitch of some kind I guess. I asked about it in the forum support section, but no response yet.

That’s a shame. I still haven’t found an answer to my problem…
Does anybody have another tip for me? The “bake action” function was a good help. But I’m still having problems.

ok I got the blend. It looks like you have not set up the game logic. i think you need your first sensor set to ‘always’, and the third one ( actuator ) set to ‘action’. I’m not sure about the second one ( controller ) because it’s been several years since I made a game. Then you need to specify the action you want to occur, and link the sensors by dragging the outputs to the inputs.
(edit) also, there’s an add-on which could save you a few bits of ram. I think it’s called UV scroller, but I couldn’t say when the last version was.
(edit) well, I used the ‘and’ expression for the controller, and it animated ok, but the problem was, instead of coveyor movement, the whole belt started moving to the right without rotating. I am guessing the type of animation you used is not compatable with the game engine. You should ask about this in the game engine subforums, which are directly above the regular support subforums. they are likely to know more about it.