Cookbook template

(sumac) #1

Am looking for a simple template to make a cookbook in BGE. (2.79)
Surprised it doesn’t exist!

The only ‘advanced’ feature needed is the possibility to search by certain keywords: meat,fish,veg / Chinese,Mexican,French / dessert,main,starter… and the possibility to add new recipes and assign said keywords to them so they show up in a searchbox.

I imagine someone that knows a bit of Python can do this in pretty fast, I’m not that person.
So If there exist such a template or someone wants to create a simple version of it, that would be great.

The rest I can do with the logic editor.

I can then throw it on Blendswap, I imagine it is useful for more people since the functuonality doesn’t have to be limited to being used a cookbook.


(Lostscience) #2

take a look at my old dialogue system for the bge.dialogue system