Cookie Flex Rig in Blender 2.66 Problem

I opened up a Cookie Flex Rig character in 2.66. I didn’t realize it immediately but the eye controller was missing. The rest of the rig appeared to be okay.

Perhaps I’ve missed something in this new release that’s causing this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Did you turn on the face controls (button)?

Yes. Every part of the rig (including all face controls and tweaks) are there. The only thing missing is the eye controller.

I had the same problem but have not had time to look into it.
I was able to select it by unclicking shapes in the display tab and grabbing the bone. Hopefully this will be fixed soon, as well as adding Fk-Ik snapping like Rigify.

Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like the eye target bone shape is missing from the bone shapes layer.

It seems to have something to do with the shape key. Muting the size shape key for WGT-eye-target makes it show up.

That was it. Thanks for figuring it out.

I am having this same problem with the missing eye controller. You state “Muting the size shape key for WGT-eye-target makes it show up.” How exactly do you do this? I am in need of this control with an animation I am starting and cannot proceed without the eye controller. Thanks, Dave

Hi guys,
Someone reported this to me a whle back, and I believe it’s fixed now. The fix should be in the most recent release of the rig, so you just need to download that.

I also have the fixed version up on my web-space in case you can’t find it via the official channels:

Has anyone encountered this issue? I’m working in Blender 2.9.1. The eyes work fine until I render. Then they disappear.