Cookie Monster

Made with Blender 2.5 alpha 2. I am pretty new to Blender and 3D, so please bare with me. This is my first real attempt at modeling something in 3D.

The model is made using box modeling (with mirror modifier). It consists of 432 faces (after mirror modifier is applied, but without eye balls), all quads, with a subsurf modifier at level 2 applied.

The fur is made with a particle system modifier and different materials.

Here is a 360 video view of the model:

I am still working on lighting and making a better scene for the render. Next up after that is rigging and animation. If you have any comments, tips or recommendations, I would really appreciate it.

Blender is awesome! :slight_smile:

Very nice. I think his arms should be wider at the base though.

very nice.
try to play with the particles a bit more. try adding children, and making the strands clump a bit more.

also play some more with the materials. it looks a bit spiky and not soft.

but overall looks good.

Thanks Modron and sijp! :slight_smile:

I will have a look at his arms, and try to tweak further on the fur.

Do you have any recommendations for resources on learning basic rigging and animation in Blender?

This one is rather more advance, but I think it’s good: (the rigging part comes after a few minutes)
this one is also good:

WOAH! Cookie Monster!

that is seriously awesome, Thomas Berglund! fur looks awesome, eyes are totally cool, everything :smiley:
mesh looks clean and simple too - my type of mesh :wink: lol

awesome :smiley:

@MeshWeaver Thanks! Yeah, gotta love the Cookie Monster, hehe :slight_smile:

@sijp Great. I will have a look at those. Thanks a lot!

I redid the Cookie Monster head to improve the topology and to make it easier to control fur from growing inside the mouth. Also tried to make the fur more fluffy and real-life looking (please look at full size on Flickr for best quality).

Please let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I still have some issues with controling the fur from growing inside the mouth. For some reason, some hairs pop up in the mouth even though the weight is 0% in that area. Since you can not use textures to control particles in Blender 2.53 Beta, I also I have some issues with fur growing through the eyes.

Any suggestions? I would really appreciate it.

well, I don’t have any ideas to fix that, but I do have one comment :

looks even awesome-er than before! :smiley:

My guess would be you have a few strands going through the mesh from the chin or lip.
I would try cutting them in particle edit mode, or combing the parent strands out of the way.

@MeshWeaver Thanks!

@LoopyShane There were some vertices in the mouth that for some reason was part of the density vertex group. Did not see them earlier, they are now removed. I also had one strange looking strand that I managed to get rid of by puffing it a bit. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

So, here we go again :slight_smile:
Cookie Monster v1.5 real life vs. Blender by Thomas Berglund, on Flickr

Blender model is rendered with the internal renderer.

Any comments or critique is greatly appreciated!

Looks great! My only suggestions are to make the fur a bit lighter, and perhaps in particle mode you could smooth the head out some? I noticed on the real model that the fur on the head was smoother than the fur on the rest of the body. There’s a good tutorial on manually controlling particles here:

It’s for version 2.48, but it’s relatively easy to follow. Good job on your project, though! Better than I could do. :slight_smile:

It may be that the nasty hairs are misbehaving children, you could try more parents and fewer children perhaps for better control

Great job, I like it . Maybe you could add some bumps to the mesh in the body, to add some random deformities that the original doll has. And i’m missing a cookie too :).

when I read this I was going “uh…what? :confused:” then it clicked in my head and I realized you were talking about particles, lol

@Thomas - left you a comment on Flickr :smiley:


Been a while since last time I worked on this project. When I tried to rig this guy, the deformations got real ugly because of the way the arms were modeled. This is why I now have tried changing the arms, as you can see in the image below.

Download this .blend file if you would like have a closer look:
CookieMonster_mesh_13.blend (433 KB)

I find it quite hard to do the topology right for shoulders/armpits. Should I be able to skin/rig this guy with this mesh? How would you do it? Any suggestions?

Are you subsurfing after the armature?

OMG I wanna hug him!

@pixelznbits: I did last time, but forgot to do this when trying again on these new arms. Been a while since last rigging/skinning session. Arms seem to deform pretty well now. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The other part I am really struggling with is the mouth, head and eye balls. I would like to be able to close and open his mouth without deformation of the eye balls. Any suggestions?