CookieFlexRig: Adding facial hair?

Is there a way to add facial hair to the cookieFlexRig without making a total mess? I just want to add a goatee to a character shape that I’ve dialed in and have it stick to the face when I animate it.

i take it your hair is remaining static even after you parent it to a bone? I have encountered this problem before, but I can’t quite remeber the solution, though I am guessing you might have to change the order of armature / particle system in the modifier stack.

Actually what I’m asking is, should I just create the facial hair (polys) and parent that to the head? If so, how do I get the hair to move with the mouth bones, shapekeys, etc.? Sorry if I seem dense, I’m still new to all this rigging stuff.

If you’re just doing it as polygons and you’re going to do any (eventual) morphing with shape keys, you’ll want to parent the facial hair to the DEF-head bone.

To find that bone, put the rig into Pose Mode, look in Properties -> Rig tab -> Skeleton panel -> Layers (NB: NOT Protected Layers, the one above it). In there, turn on the layer that’s third from the right on the bottom of the double row of layers. That’s where you’ll find DEF-head.

I take it you know about Ctrl-P to parent (selecting the mesh first, then the bone in Pose Mode) and then selecting Bone from the menu that pops up. And since I’m making that assumption, I won’t even mention it. :slight_smile:

That really helps. Thank you so much.