(dr0necl0ne) #21

Oh, what a nice photo of OREOs, now I want some.

(so good!)


Those cookies are amazing! I especially love the little crumbs, it really adds to the realism. :cookie:

(ArcHWiZ) #23


(Youya24616) #24

They look so real!
May i ask how did you achieve that texture?Did you use sculpting or some sort of displacement map? :smiley:

(ArcHWiZ) #25

I used this texture:
With simple Principle-Shader and high roughness.

([email protected]) #26

Wow! great render…
May i know the cookies u model directly in Blender or from image texture then w/ displacement?


(ArcHWiZ) #27

Displacement is just for the small details, the rest is modeled.

(Sergio Arboleda) #28

Looks like a ohotograph

(A) #29

This is great work! I’m fairly new to Blender and trying to create a medal render, that has intricate details like your Oreo face. I’m trying to use bump maps and displacement etc but I can’t get the thing to work at all.

Would you be able to help me with this at all? A few pointers? I’ve attached a link to my thread if so as you’ve got it spot on! Thank you!

PDSA Dickin Medal Render - Texture/Modelling issues

(Caesar Padilla) #30

Very detailed even to the small crums.:sunglasses: