cool 2.0 manual animation!
about 9 mb…
i did not make this, but it’s worth looking at!

ow, and i updated my site a little

welcome back :slight_smile: how was Mallorca?

Love the animation. reminds me a lot of Kerosene’s work. I wonder though. the copyright says 2002. could it be made AFTER the bankrupcy? hmmmm makes you wonder…


Quicktime says, that he can t play this file.

It looks good, but I didn’t see anywhere giving any info or credit to blender or NaN.
Also, is it just me or did I see some aliens sleeping together on that site? and what about the marching penises?

i’ve been to formentera (WHOOT) that island is soooo cool!

i made some photos there…

indeed no info/credit about nan…
i will send hem a e-mail about it