Cool bands that aren't popular

i nominate-



hybrid mermaids ( my band ) < please look them up!

A couple of my “friends” are in this band. One of them turned into d-bags when they joined a band. He’s the drummer I could safely say he is almost as good as the Drummer from August Burns Red. You gotta see his youtube videos to see his reall skills. The band is actually not that bad I must admit. It’s hardcore music, mostly screaming. I know a lot of folks don’t like that music I think it’s sick dood!.

Edit: Stoner moment… here’s the link to their myspace music page.

wow, they are good! thanks!

you could probably tell i like this music…

by my name

and by my avatar.


they should really be signed.

To be honest, your band sounds pretty awful (almost the same as Linkxgl’s song, but that one was meant as a joke).

A band almost no one knows, but likes a lot when they hear them is Skindred (they are in the top 5 of best live bands in Metalhammer though). It’s a mix of Dub, Reggae and Metal.

Alright Deicide. Check Intangled, a metal band on my record label, Burning Token Records. They’re in Junior High. Metal.

What about musicians that write and play free (free as in freedom) music? There must be plenty of talent out there that the industry is not telling us about.

To start with, check this out: General Fuzz. Nothing to do with metal (it’s ambient/electronic) but it is worth the listening.

Propose your own and let us hear good free music!

Ordo Draconis is still my one favourite band. Their music is incredibly varied.

well, when possible, i promote my friends band, rytmihäiriö.


I’ll have to put a word in for the Skatalites.

haha, I swear I read this as “Color bands aren’t popular.” color bands being a Blender material feature, of course… :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, you may wish to checkout Mozart and the Old Masters. kickass stuff… :yes:

TenPenny Joke is an amazing inde rock band.

Doug the eagle is a strange mechanical sounding prog rock artist. Not for everyone but I am a fan.

Probably my top 2 that nobody has ever heard of.

Painted devil

Their old material was awesome. Had a demo cd of it but I lost it somehow. :confused:

I´ll use the space here to promote some of my dearest friends:

New Wave of Thrash Metal or something like that with female vocals. =)

Primus! Oh, and the Aquabats.

probably Bond and Shpongle

I do believe most people have heard of them.

Yeah, but the subject is bands that “are not popular.” Sadly they do fit that qualification (although calling composers “bands” is a bit of a stretch).

So this thread about cool bands that are not popular became a thread where several BA members advertise their own or their friend’s bands that are obviously not popular because barely anyone have heard of them, and where it’s a natural thing to call them cool because you want to support your friends?

Just asking.

I like that band (since I’m also a huge reggae and ska fan). But this band is well known already.