Cool Battery

I found a battery on the floor, and that inspired me to create one on Blender.

Modelling took about 20 min max, rendering was a couple seconds per pic.

Texture was made by me.

C&C welcome.

haha lol kewl, i like the ‘batt3ry’ bit :smiley:

Yeah, I thought that would be a catchy company name or something.

lol, probly someone will rob you :smiley: then u rob it back haha that would make such a cool film. :smiley:

At least it has a nice texture, though it’s not the best work i’ve seen.

He hee, there was no © symbol, so I wouldn’t call it robbing. :wink:

lol,quickly steels idea and sells to comapanie earning 2 mill :smiley: ok dude. got any with it in a enviro?

I wanted to fucus more on the model, so a good environment is not neccesary.

ok kewl R2 well if u need it in a scene ll use it :smiley: and i wont steel it cough not cough :smiley:

The modelling is fairly accurate, except the (+) side is a little off. And the texture bugs me a bit, it seems like you just got acquainted with MS Paint.

If you need me to go into more detail about (+) side, just tell me and I’ll open up Paint.

If you want an example of a slightly more fleshed out battery model and texture, you’re welcome to the .blend and the texture that I made in Photoshop for this render:

I actually did a couple more renders on that battery, but never got around to posting them. Anyhow. They’re yours if you want them, pm me.

Ditto on the mspaint comment from Jeeves. I think i’d be more “believable” if it was put in an environment of some sort.

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anogarlr: wow that render is pretty amazing. I’d like to see the .blend and yaf settings.

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im being honest here…
It took you 20 min to model that???

Come on… I said that it was 20 min max, and besides, I’m not the best modeler.

The texture was made on Ulead Photoimpact 5, took me about 3 min. %|

I’ll work on it in… 40 min.

I wanted to fucus more on the model, so a good environment is not neccesary.[/quote]

You could have it on a battery storage shelf :slight_smile: