Cool Blender site

(PowerMacG4) #1

You guy probably seen it already, but heres a cool blender site.

(overextrude) #2

I think it’s been redone since I last saw it. There’s some nice work, though. I got a good laugh out of the graveyard image. : )

(S68) #3

Cool :slight_smile:

Yes, the intro is new to me too.


(Jolly Gnome) #4

Crap. That’s what I say. Crap.
Whoever makes websites that open with stupid flash animations that cannot be passed should be dragged to street and be shot.

I didn’t even bother to see the site itself, so annoyed I was because of that damn flash-doodling :x

(PowerMacG4) #5

Wow, what browser you are using?
It shows up without any problems on my Sun Ultra 1 Solaris 8bit color, netscape 4.77 box.

(z3r0 d) #6

I must say I agree with the (maybe not currently) Jolly Gnome, except for adding:
I have seen band’s (as in local ‘rock and roll’) websites with flash animations done much worse (although if you could find you cursor in the madness, they could be clicked through)

… and If I were running my computer (think 46k through proxy), I wouldn’t have stayed either.

the website?
good, if maybe a bit high on the graphics. Liking much of what I have seen. WHY CAN"T I DO STUFF LIKE THAT?

… maybe it is because
A) the blender executable will not fit on a standard floppy
B) I am too lazy to put it on a CD
C) comptuer lab policies disallow non-instructional programs
D) blender doesn’t seem to like ftp-ing files places
E) Computers (to me at least) are too cumbersome, and become anti-creative

oh, and I’ve seen the liquid section before, good.

offtopic -1

ohh, maybe should have been linked to instead, there is the option to skip the flash intro!!

(blackphoto) #7

The intro did not impress me very much. In fact, I think it was more of a slap to blender. If I saw that and didnt know more about blender, i’d think the whole program sucked.
My 2 cents.