Cool Commercial work in Blender

Hello, let me introduce a commercial work made up in Blender.
This is the best work I’ve done with this great software . My job was: 3d model, texturing, lighting, matchmoving.
here the link
Software used:
after effect
Any comments are wellcome!


Come on guys!:eyebrowlift:
thanks visiting my work

Very Nice. Keep it up.
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looking good, but i think it’s a bit dark. to be honest it’s hard to see what it really is, but perhaps it is because of the rather small pic. seems to be some kind of studio? for “performance lighting”? then i would suggest to give it a bit more light.
it’s not very clear to me where those lightpoints in the middle and the trees (?) are standing / coming from. it would be cool if you could post a larger pic with a bit more light in it, because it looks really promising.

@kkrawal: erm… no offense intended, really, but: somehow it seems weird to advertise the own stuff in someone else’s thread… just my opinion…

Thanks stulliDPB for your comment.
did you mean the image appended? Did you see the video in the link i posted?
because the image attached is only a pre-rendering. the real work is in the link of my post!
thaks again!

That was very nice! You need to add the word “Video” to the post’s title because I thought the project was the still image. I think that’s why you’ve gotten little response.

The only real issue I have with it is the accelerated video footage near the end. It feels like that clip was sped up due to timing issues with the music?

Nice camera work and lighting to match the live footage.

Yeah the matchups were really nice. Going into the second room was a little jarring, but really it’s not that big a deal. The effect is really awesome, you pulled it off nicely.

OMG how embarrassing! …no…I didn’t see the link nor the video… shit! :o

okay, next try:
Man! that was amazing! good work! perfect lightning! :eek:
5 Stars!
how did you do the camera-tracking? well, in fact, i can’t even tell which parts were 3d and which ones real. good work!
and forget about the studid post above…i’m still red like a tomato. :o

wait, now i get it!

so true…
that’s not my day it seems…:no:
still excellent work! :wink:

kernond is right…hard to decipher the original post. However…good work. Well presented and clean. The products look interesting/technically advanced. I like the pop-up ground lights…similar to a sprinkler system. The camera work is good…but some of the items were passed too quickly. I’ve haven’t used Blender in conjuction with actual video but would like to begin learning. Any tuts out there?

Good work! And congratulations on getting commercial work with Blender.

I’m very impressed by the intergration of live action with Blender. Is that what you used After Effects for? I’d like to do some work like that using entirely open-source software. There used to be an app called Icarus that could be used for video calibration in conjunction with Blender. More recently there was another project along the same lines, but I’ve forgotten what that was called - can someone remind me please?