Cool Conection with other Ubuntustudio Programs .

wouldnt it be cool if we could conect some how blender Gimp , Lives , etc… ?

In the music sotware there is REWIRE , with it you can conect 2 or more programs , used them synced and control one from the other and viceversa.

This would be a Killer thing man , aint it ?

What do you think ?

In the linux world, there’s a thing called JACK, which allow audio programs to link together. The program, Ardour uses it. With Verse you can link Blender and Gimp.

yes v , but i mean someyhing in between jack and verse , or maybe a program that links jack and verse so they work like a single program ( audio+video).

And i mean a more tight connection . image if inkscpae was neally part of blender, or ardour ?

like if they where modules.

Blender could improve GIMP immensely if GIMP could be made to run in a Blender window or scene. The way GIMP runs now, with all it’s palettes spread across the naked desktop, is insane.

I’ve mentioned replacing the UV/Image Editor with GIMP before, but the idea didn’t take. It probably would be hell to integrate and manage. BUT, it would be a ginormous leap forward for 3D painting in Blender.

i think it would be more feasible to actually just look at the gimp’s codebase as reference, and just upgrade the blenders texture painting/image editing capability… but it’d still be quite a job.:confused:

Well, sculpt tool was a seperate program before Blender ate it. I honestly don’t know how much of sculpt tool’s code had to be rewritten for Blender integration. I’m inferring that it was easier to incorporate the existing tool than to copy from it, but I don’t know that’s the case.

I’d think it would be easier to integrate GIMP since only 2D data needs to be exchanged between Blender and GIMP. It seems like the biggest job would be scraping off GIMP’s GUI and putting Blender’s on. And getting the UV stuff to work in GIMP.

If any dev types are interested in this, I can work on the useability and GUI graphics side.

I’m planning to release a 70% finished version of the Extinction Level Event trailer in the next few weeks. I think the project will start to get high profile after that. I’d love to be able to ditch windows and Pshop and do everything in Linux with Open Source tools. If we can get that ability into Blender, I can showcase it to good effect.

I sure wish we could get a Verse package with Blender and gimp all ready set up.

Even something like the Zbrush Zapplink would be totaly awesome!!!
All it did in the past was look at the texture file on the disk time stamp, and when there was changes made by the user saving, it automatically updated the texture in Zbrush.

Seems like an easy idea to me , and would really make the work flow between blender and any 2d art application nice :smiley:

The zapplink wouldn’t be enough to get me out of Pshop. I’m leery of a shallow solution on this. It might end up being the only solution we get.

last time I got two computers connect to a single gimp document at the same time, I could paint and all that from the other computer and it would update, but it was very screwed up, unuseful at the time.

The zapplink wouldn’t be enough to get me out of Pshop.

If we had Zapplink you could use p$hop you silly person, for that matter any 2d application :smiley:
having all the gimp tools in blender would be cool too, I doubt we will ever see that though.