Cool dream I had.

Real quick: what happened was basically, I had a big white truck and I was going to some big event set inside a warehouse. Some people that I happened to somewhat know was stealing parts of it right in front of me, from under the hood. I got mad and started chasing them around the square, which was really cool looking. When I get back to the warehouse, I start looking for these boogers and I notice that a piece of paper seems to be floating around, but it isn’t an accident. It is always facing me and it has something written on it. It also seems to be phasing in and out of reality, or at least it becomes visible for a moment and then vanishes, only to reappear.

 I see that it actually has a website address on it: []( I try double checking the address, but the one holding the paper... yes, there was a man, about 20 years old, holding the paper, shining in and out of invisibility... simply told me to follow. I trusted him this far, as if he wanted something more heinous, he wouldn't of tried to contact me through the internet with that site.

As I follow him, the ones who sole parts from my super cool truck started showing up and following. We go to a building, a rather nice one, and go inside. It looks like a government building, like a lobby for a CIA annex or something, and as we go further, I realize there are things that say “Society” on the wall. It all hits me like a ton of bricks: I’m the main character in a video game, and this society is here to find out what is beyond the digital wall between reality and virtual. And they are also trying to contact the player.

 Pretty sweet, huh?